The Real Nokia versus Windows Phone Poll

Nokia had recently conducted a poll where they “found” 9 out 10 current users of Nokia phones would like to have Windows Phone 7 operating system on their phones.

As Nokia is now taken over by the Head of Business Development from Microsoft, there is a need for a new poll conducted by a third party with no secondary gains apart from continued loyalty to a company (Nokia) who have stood up for the sake of end-users world wide untill now.

It would be a sad day indeed if over 300 million users of Nokia phones cannot have their views heard on the global stage in a transparent way.

Also, please feel free to copy and paste the following links so that you can share them with family and friends who are also Nokia users via tweets, facebook and email. You are welcomed to use the links in your posts in forums, blogs and websites.

The Anonymous poll and results can be accessed at the following link:

The question asked in the poll is:

“Do you want Windows Phone 7 operating software running on your phone ? ”

View Qualtrics Poll

A more detailed Anonymous Survey (5 questions) is available at:

View Nokia Versus Windows Phone Survey

These questions are based in part on the real-time discussion at Nokia Blogs. They are as follows:

1. Do you want Windows Phone 7 operating software running on your phone ?

2. Do you want the Symbian operating system maintained and made available on future Nokia phones ?

3. Would you buy a Nokia phone running on Windows software in the future ?

4. Has Nokia phones in the past, serve you well in your daily life (e.g. in terms of making and receiving calls, waking you up for work in the morning, surviving falls onto the ground and free continuous software updates) ?

5. Would you be devastated if Nokia phones, as you know it now, is no more ?

The results of this survey will be published in full in real-time and can be accessed by the public at:

View Nokia Versus Windows Phone Survey Results

A download link for a PDF file of the current survey results is also available at the above link.

For further details and real-time discussion on this topic at the official Nokia blog,

See comments on the Official Nokia Blog at:

View Nokia Versus Windows Phone Discussions at the Official Nokia Blog

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