Nokia N9 Stephen Elop’s Biggest Nightmare

Nokia N9 Elop’s Biggest Nightmare

N9 officially announced June 20th 2011

It’s not been 4 days since the official launch of the Nokia N9 by the same person who said it will never exist 4 months ago but the amount of interest it has generated all over the world has been immense.

This, for a product that has been described as “ditched”, “dead on arrival”, “Meego’s swan song”, “doomed”, “not an iPhone or Android contender”, etc, etc.

Yet, as days goes by, more and more reviews on-line and in the magazines are describing it with the exact opposite superlatives. In 4 short days, if you Google “Nokia N9”, you will be amazed by how many reviewers are amazed by the quality of the design, hardware specifications and intuitive user-interface that threatens to put iOS into the shadows.

So much so that one reviewer wondered aloud why Nokia would want to cast its lot with Windows when it already has a potential iOS killer in terms of user-interface, an “ecosystem” that it can control with QT developers dying to get their hands on developing apps in-house in the production stages.

Nokia N9, Ignore The Code, 22nd June 2011

Must be a frightful scene for the person who imagined “burning platforms”. I suspect he must be starting to smell smoke as he declares that he will reportedly “Kill MeeGo Even if N9 Succeeds

This is actually quite funny as Elop has been trying to “kill Meego” since the covert hostile take-over of the people’s mobile phone company, Nokia, February of this year:

Nokia suffers MeeGo setback as N9 is reportedly killed before releaseCNET

Nokia drops first MeeGo phone before launch -sourcesReuters

Nokia drops new Meego phoneReuters

Nokia executives described MeeGo as no more than a “learning project.”Smarthouse

Nokia halts MeeGo and N9 releasesZDNET UK

It is clear that the N9 is Elop’s worst nightmare coming true, despite his many many public attempts to make it go away. Brings to mind Freddie Kruger and Nightmare on Meego Street scenes, with Stephen Elop trapped under the beauty, simplicity and elegance of the N9, pleading with the N9 handset

“Nooooooooo….please go away!!!”

It is baffling how Elop has been forced to launch the very handset that can get him fired from his position as the CEO of Nokia.

It almost seems like the real Board of Directors of Nokia is just playing with Elop and Ballmer, leading both down the proverbial garden path, straight into sheer industrial strength embarrassment, when N9 regains the top position in the smartphone segment for Nokia, and Elop shown the door…

Elop may reassure himself that even if the N9 manages to reach the stores, he can try to scare away true Nokia users from buying it by saying “This will be the first and last Meego handset”.

The trouble for Elop is that there are hordes of developers in the wild who are waiting for just a handset like N9 to start developing applications and provide support.

Furthermore, Android Applications can run on the Nokia N9, via Alien Dalvik, promising native performance with minimum repackaging of the original Android App. All the hardware capabilities are accessible to the repackaged Android App, and any further tweaking that may be necessary for 100% compatibility can be done via the Android SDK, which Myriad will provide later this year.

At a single stroke, future owners of the Nokia N9 running on the Meego Harmattan 1.2 platform will potentially have access to more applications than Android phones, a staggering notion, considering that the Android Apps market was already growing at a rate faster than Apple iPhone Apps by February of 2011 and recent numbers from Hugo Barra, Product Management Director of Android in May 2011 showed that there are 200,000 Android Apps available.

Compare this with the 300,000 over iPhone Apps available as of now.

Add the current 48,000 Ovi store Apps as of June 2011 to the continued growth of the Android Apps market, it is likely that at the point-in-time of the retail release of the N9 worldwide, owners will have access to more Smartphone Apps than the iPhone!!!

A truly shocking thought, especially when the number of Apps available for end-users have been the strongest selling point for any Smartphone device to date.

Add to this point that fact that many major companies like BMW, GM, Hyundai, Renault, Delphi and Peugeot-Citroen have all signed up to use the Meego platform in future vehicles, which makes the future integration of N9 with on-board communications and navigation in cars a no-brainer.

Hence, the Nokia N9 is “future-proofed” even before it is release for sale in the worldwide markets!!!

Not bad figures for a phone and operating system that has been prematurely and maliciously pronounced “Dead on Arrival!”

The fact is it is more likely that WP7 will be stillbirth. Despite having 36,000 registered developers as of March 2011, there are only 11,500 WP7 Apps. This means less than 33% of developers who actually PAID money to register, actually developed anything for WP7. Just goes to show how much confidence the mobile App Developer Community for the Smartphone market have in WP7.

Elop has clearly, repeatedly and intentionally understated the viability of the Meego and Nokia N9 ecosystem in his presentations to the Board of Directors of Nokia, the Shareholders of Nokia, the news media and the current and future users of Nokia devices, to further his own interest and the interest of a competitor mobile OS company, Microsoft.

This would have been appropriate in his previous life as the Head of Business Development of Microsoft, but is clearly unacceptable as the current esteemed CEO of Nokia.

Nevertherless, there is already a “Developers Website” available where FREE Meego/Harmattan platform tools (MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan SDK), Qt developer’s toolkits (Qt SDK and Qt Quick Components) and further detailed information for the N9 platform can be found and downloaded:

N9 Qt Developers Site (With link to Qt Developer Toolkit Download)

For users like you and me, there’s the N9 microsite at:

N9 Microsite

Go there, see for yourself and drool at this beautiful, open-source and leading edge handset with super-slick user interface, developed with people in mind, not mobile versions of “blue-screens-of death” and endless senseless updates and expensive upgrades, just to get the phone working, like what Windows did to its’ users for the last 21 years (yes, Windows 3 was first launched in 1990).

We should all help Elop and the shareholders of Nokia do the right thing by visiting the European Nokia N9 pre-order website at:

Get notified.
Sign up on and we’ll let you know when Nokia N9 hits stores:

This way, we can help Elop get off his own infamous “Burning Platform”, so that he can leave Nokia in peace and return to Richmond, where he and Ballmer belong.

Remember, the more of you sign-up for the N9 release, the more likely Elop will be asked to leave Nokia. Along with Windows Phone 7 and his “ballmy” (pardon the pun) plans. You will be sparing future humanity a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering, with minimal effort.

Buy Meego Leaves Elop (BMLE).



Video links from Nokia below


N9 Design Story


To the simple-minded, Elop’s appointment as the CEO of Nokia is nothing more than a covert “Hostile Take-over” by Microsoft, a hostile take-over which Nokia’s shareholders actually has to pay for in the form of Elop’s CEO salary, in order to drive the Finnish company into the ground before its’ carcass is taken over by for a penny, it’s intellectual property sold-off for a fortune, and its’ skilled programmer and researcher workforce absorbed into American companies, far away from their families and European home-soil. It brings to mind the “Borgs“….where resistance is futile.

Or is it? That is truly up to you.

Original publication: 25th June 2011
Updated: 28th June 2011

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3 Responses to Nokia N9 Stephen Elop’s Biggest Nightmare

  1. Interlingua TV says:

    Yes, MeeGO is a winner. All the technical blogospehere around the world praised N9 MeeGo (Maemo Harmattan).
    That was to be expected after N900 Maemo 5 was also received very well by the customers and technical reviewers, but Nokia said at that time it will not provide the N900 smartphone to operators because they didn’t have Ovi Maps ported on it and Qt Quick was not 100% finalized, and they promised end of 2010 the N950.

    Unfortunately Elop did everything possible to not release N950 in 2010 and delayed it till Q3 2011 as a developers only device, so N950 (with the same processor 1GHz as N9, and same screen 960×480, but having a keyboard) will be never available to the public. Killed. N9 as well was fatally wounded when Elop announced it as “LAST” MeeGo device from Nokia.

    Elop actions show him as liar, dishonest man with his own company and employees. Lie after lie, carefully glowed in shiny paper. When will Nokians or Nokia board wake up?

    WP7 is a closed OS with no file transfer, no video, no music, no SD card, no transfer other than closed Zune. Do people want WP7? It is on the market for more than 1 year with big names like Samsung, HTC, LG supporting it, and even advertised massively by Microsoft with free XBOX console (free $300 XBOX) and the sales are nothing.

    Elop had fatally crashing Nokia. Billions lost since Elop’s speech on Feb 11th regarding Symbian to be put away.

  2. Jimbo says:

    Nokia please get rid of Elop and his stupid plans to take Nokia down the WP7… no one really wants it… I certainly don’t… and if I did want it I would of gone to it a long time ago… the phones I’ve seen running WP7 has not impressed me at all and I still prefer my N8, previously had N86 which I also liked more the the WP7 phones I’ve seen…

    WP7 with its big tiles on front screen looks like something for the visually impaired or for kids!!

    I briefly had a N900 but as it had a resistive touch screen I got abit fed-up with it… but the OS (Maemo) had potential and so was looking forward to the first proper Meego device with latest hardware, ie capacitive touch screen etc,etc

    The N9 sounds like its the next logical upgrade for me… and I like that its NOT iOS, NOT Android, and NOT WP7… being honest I’d be willing to try Android but not locked down WP7 and iOS.

    Get rid of Elop and go back to Meego as your top level OS for phones, and I’m sure Nokia will do well and hopefully get their status back!!!!

  3. zynga poker says:

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    I’m no longer sure whether or not this publish is written by him as nobody else know such distinct about my problem. You’re incredible!

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