Nokia N9 Achieving the Impossible

Nokia N9, a Finnish Miracle of Sweat and Blood

When Elop tried to kill off the N9 and Meego operating system, he publicly withdrew all corporate support by announcing the “death” of N9 and the Meego OS in the media, and left the Meego/Harmattan team with 3 men for GUI customisation, in order to make sure that nothing comes out of the blood and sweat that has already been put in to make Meego the best next generation user interface for smartphones (see “Nokia N9 Elop’s Biggest Nightmare).

Despite all the obstacles, the Meego/Harmattan development team persisted and have pulled-off what is essentially a miracle in terms of software development, user-interface design and seamless innovative hardware integration.

The technical praises and emotional “Ooos” and “Ahhhhhhs” have continued to pour into the Internet realm, review after review, as waves of independent reviewers of the N9 and Meego mobile operating system continues to be rightfully awed by the excellence and simplicity of the whole original concept of the “Swipe UI”.

There can never be enough praise for the determination and perseverance of the Meego/Harmattan team, for bringing the N9, Meego OS and Swipe UI concept into fruition against all odds.

The full details of their efforts are available below,taken from a personal Blog of one of the Meego/Harmattan team member at Nokia.

Kontorri, if you are reading this, I want you to know that I salute you and all your fellow colleagues at Meego/Harmattan, Nokia. Even if this is the first and last Meego phone by Nokia, I will be purchasing not one, but three units.

Black one for me, pink one for my better half and the cyan one for my father. Know that all the efforts put in by yourself and colleagues will not be in vain!

Cheers and all the best for your future endeavours!!

Taken verbatim from:

Respectby Kontorri, June 21st 2011, Coach for Harmattan Applications Framework.

Respect Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Through unimaginable hardships, we managed to pull a rabbit from the hat and get N9 done. Schedule was just insanely tight, we got blows from all directions: Vanjoki leaving us, Ari leaving us, Elop dropping of meego from strategy, key developers leaving the company when we needed them the most.

Swipe UI, that we are now admiring, required every single application and framework to be rebuilt almost from scratch. All the blows and all the work in the course of 9 months. I never knew how much sweat and tears there needs to be to get this baby out.

What I want to say to the people who beared all that: Respect.

You have my utmost respect and admiration. We didn’t just do our best, we crafted the software to near perfection.

Simplistic UI is easy to imagine, but extremely hard to execute. And execution includes design. Devil is in details and temptations are many. Keeping the boat steady on course needed a lot from you, design and product management.

It’s nothing short of miracle that the fruit of our labor is now admired by millions.

I am extremely proud of what I am holding in my hand right now. As a user, I’m loving every minute of using it and wouldn’t change it for a thing.

All of maemo: I salute you. Job well done. Be proud.

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Updated: 28th June 2011

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  1. sambit says:

    really hats of to the meego harmattan team,a great software n to the whole n9 team for what they have made up a fantastic phone,stephen elop is an enemy for nokia lovers for what he is doing with nokia n9,

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