Klas Ström Declares Long Term Support for Nokia N9 and Meego Platform

Nokia’s Head of Portfolio Management Declares Support in Tweet

In a yet another surprising turn of events in the Nokia N9 saga, Nokia has officially declared continued support for the Nokia N9 and Meego Harmattan 1.2 platform after the soon expected retail release worldwide.

Nokia N9 and MeeGo will be supported and updated “for years”

Nokia To Support MeeGo In The Future

Nokia confirms commitment to Nokia N9 and MeeGo

Nokia To Support The N9 For Years, May Be Bringing It To Even More Countries
The Handheld Blog

Nokia commits to N9 support, gives MeeGo a reprieve for ‘years’ to come
Engadget Mobile

This is despite the ineffectual and continued protests by Stephen Elop since the launch of the N9 handset in Singapore.

These developments raise the question as to whether Stephen Elop actually has any real influence on the continued development of the Meego platform in particular and the direction of Nokia in general.

Clearly, the N9 running on the Meego operating system has stolen a march on the troubled and prematurely released Windows Phone 7, which did not even have basic smartphone features like “cut-and-paste” and “multi-tasking” to start off with. In a further calculated move to force the adoption of “cloud computing and storage”, the implementation of Microsoft Office Apps is also half-hearted, where one cannot even create PowerPoint presentations on Windows Phone 7 whereas this can be done on the “lowly” Nokia N8, running on the even more maligned Symbian 3 operating system.

It also seems that Elop’s strategy of limiting the international release of the N9 in order to preserve the virginity of the market for the first Windows Phone made in Finland may actually back-fire in a most spectacular way.

When the market data shows the disparaging results between the sales of the Nokia N9 running on Meego Harmattan 1.2 and Windows Phone 7, it will then be clear to all that the strategy of “forcing the adoption of Windows Phone 7” on users via the covert take-over of the world’s largest and most popular mobile phone maker and open source mobile operating system designer was unwise.

An action that will not be rewarded by the 300 million over loyal Nokia users worldwide.

You can follow Klas Ström tweets here.



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