Nokia N9 Slated for US and France Release

Nokia N9 (FCC-ID: RM-696) Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Approval

As we had posted before, the US regulatory approval for the Nokia N9 was to be expected after the Nokia N950 underwent the same process successfully not too long ago.

The Office of Engineering and Technology(OET)Equipment Authorisation System oversees the authorization of equipment using the radio frequency spectrum in the US. These devices may not be imported and/or marketed until they have shown compliance with the technical standards which have been specified by the Commission. The standards are found in that part of the rules that govern the service wherein the equipment is to be operated.

The approval by itself is not surprising, nor is the fact that although Stephen Elop is trying to play down the possibility of a US market launch, this approval for commercial marketing in the US suggests otherwise.

Even more interesting are the draft FCC Labels that have been approved for the Nokia N9. These seems to be Nation specific in some cases and countries like France and India have appeared on the approved draft.

Again, although officially Elop is trying to downplay the extent of the N9 imminent international release in 6 to 8 weeks time, the number of International markets expected for the N9 continues to expand on a weekly basis.

The other countries listed on the draft not in the original list are Kazakhstan, Mexico, Costa Rica and Turkey. And of course, the USA !

The countdown to the Nokia N9 much anticipated release continues…

Cheers !



FCC ID Labels from the approval documentation:

FCC Approval RM-696 Pictures

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