8 out of 10 choose Nokia N9 Meego Harmattan Smartphone

8 out of 10 new potential smartphone buyers choose Nokia N9 Meego Harmattan smartphone over Windows Phone 7 in Internet Poll

With the imminent launch of the Nokia N9 Meego Harmattan Handset (not to be confused with the sneaky wannabe Lumia 800 aka “SeaRay” by Elop and Microsoft) in Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark (Vodafone or 3) and Kazakhstan (via Technodom), we felt that the time has come to release the results of our public
poll, conducted independent of all vested interest, with open real time full access to the results by all Internet users.

We asked the following question on the web on the 9th July 2011:

1. “If you are planning to get a new phone in the next 6 months, would your first choice be:

a. a handset running on Windows Phone 7.x

b. a Nokia N9 running Meego Harmattan 1.2” (View poll live)

It will come as no surprise to many of you that 80% of potential new buyers of Smartphones all over the world will choose the Nokia N9 Meego Harmattan handset which hasn’t launch; over ANY Windows Phone 7 based handset (including the “Lumia 800” by Elop and Microsoft). These results have remained consistent (8
out of 10 chose the N9 Meego Harmattan handset at any instance) from the launch of the poll 3 months ago until today (9th September 2011).

These results are extremely striking considering that the N9 Meego Harmattan has been rubbished from the day Stephen Elop (Head of Business Division Microsoft) became the CEO of Nokia by “covert hostile take-over” of the Finnish company in September 2010 as part of their “Embrace, Extend and Extinguish” business strategy (see below).

Since then, Elop and the “Microsoft Board of Directors” at Nokia have forced a continuous barrage of negative media releases on the demise of the Nokia N9 and Meego Harmattan operating system by the parent company at Espoo. Subsequently, Stephen Elop and Steve Ballmer, the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, unilaterally declared that all future Nokia smartphones will only run on Windows Phone 7 operating systems in February 2011.

Even more amazing is that these results are for the N9 which has not even been released, compared to Windows Phone 7 handsets (HTC, Dell, Samsung, and LG)
which have been available since October 2010, almost 1 year in the hands of our voters.

They have also tried to convince Nokia users that the Windows operating system is what users want on their phones, through a poll ran by the Microsoft Head of Business Development, Stephen Elop, using the official Nokia Blog.

This have been put to rest as completely FALSE by an independent poll conducted by us in parallel. We asked the questions on 10th March 2011:

1. “Would you want Windows Phone 7 operating software running on your phone?” and the results have remained consistently “NO” 92% of the time.

2. “Would you buy a Nokia phone running on Windows software in the future ?” and the results have remained consistently “NO” 85% of the time.

3. “Do you want the Symbian operating system maintained and made available on future Nokia phones ?” and the results have remained consistently “YES” 92% of the time.

and the most important question of all:

4. “Would you be devastated if Nokia phones, as you know it now, is no more ?” and the results have remained consistently “YES” 100% of the time!!!

(View the poll and vote)

The reasons for these results are many, but boils down to the following points:

1. The original Nokia company and engineers matures both the hardware and software first before releasing them into the commercial market. Then then support these handsets with life-time free upgrades in terms of Operating System and Applications (which includes heavy-weights like “Ovi Maps”).

Microsoft releases immature Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 software and then forces users to pay to upgrade to the next version which still doesn’t work (i.e. inability to sync between Windows Mobile/Windows Phone 7 and Outlook directly on your desktop). Up to March 2011, there was still no copy and paste, and no 3rd party multi-tasking on Windows Phone 7 up to today! None of the useful apps on Windows Mobile Phone 7 are free (i.e. Phone backup software, etc)

2. The original Nokia company believed in personal freedom to use Nokia phones as the owner deems fit and works to protect individual privacy. The original Nokia company worked with the principle that the customer is always right and their priorities are most important.

No matter how tedious and un-glamourous and how much “bad” publicity the designers and programmers at Espoo attracted from the “Wall-Street Boys”, they persisted to serve the best interest of Nokia phone users, making their everyday life that little more easier, that little more better (i.e. an alarm that can actually ring on-time even if the phone is
“switched off”)

Microsoft via Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 had the contrary view. Users were just cash cows. The more you tie them down to your services and the more dosh you squeeze out of them, the better. And yes, the mobile phone operators were always right because together, we can extract even more profits from the
buyers and force them to upgrade their non-functional phones and deny them any firmware updates on phones that they own (in reference to Windows Mobile 5.x and 6.x).

Also, Windows Phone 7 do not allow the owners of the phones any access to their own files, media and data which are “unsanctioned by Microsoft”. Users can only access their files on Windows Phone 7 via upload to the Microsoft owned SkyDrive. This includes access to Microsoft Office Mobile files, which can not be directly synchronised to your desktop Outlook program. You can only view but not create PowerPoint files! Windows Phone 7 can only play media files that Zune can play. Otherwise, you are out of luck. No 3rd party media apps are allowed on the Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone 7 handset’s memory cannot be assessed via Bluetooth or USB. Only “Cloud” access is sanctioned, putting to nought the presence of microSD slots on WP7 handsets!

3. Nokia phone users simply wants a phone with an operating system that works and can be relied upon. The original Nokia developed the software around the hardware. And they were leaders and pioneers in the hardware technology (GSM, Bluetooth, touch-screens, etc). So much so that Apple has to pay Nokia a royalty for every iPhone that they sell as iPhone uses technology developed by Nokia engineers.

Nokia phones worked, period.

Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 were just cut down version of the desktop Windows OS. Like the desktop versions, they often crashed and freeze for no reasons or after the latest patch. Customisation to different OEM handset, and then further customisations to individual carriers left most of the “features” of Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 at Redmond (i.e. out of reach of the owners of Windows Phone handsets)

Similar tie-ins affect owners of iPhones and Google Android phones. iPhone users cannot play any media file not sanctioned by iTunes. Android phone users cannot use their phones until they register and sign-in to Google-mail. iPhone handsets also collect data on the users of their phones by stealth and uploads this for further analysis without the owners explicit consent or knowledge. Android phones appear to do the same.

There are more than 385 million Nokia Symbian phone users out there in the world. The current Microsoft Board of Directors at Nokia and Nokia investors should heed the old adage:

“The customer is always right”

Force the Windows Phone 7 operating system on loyal Nokia users and be prepared to face the consequences – The lost of more than 300 million customers outright, overnight.

Then again, perhaps this is exactly what is intended by replacing the Symbian and Meego platform with Windows Phone 7 OS as part of the dreaded “Embrace, Extend and Extinguish” strategy that become infamous during the US Department of Justice versus Microsoft anti-trust trials.

It would appear that Nokia is already in the arms of Microsoft in a deadly embrace…and it would not be long before Nokia is extinguished.

On a brighter note, to the rest of loyal Nokia users, the wait is almost over… Enjoy the new Nokia N9 Meego Harmattan handset! It may well be the last of the best that we ever and will ever have.




Ps The logos are of the 3 carriers in Australia launching the Nokia N9 in October 2011!

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