Nokia N9 Hit Stores Worldwide

Nokia N9 Hit Shelves Worldwide

Over the last week, the N9 has been released in the major markets in the Asia Pacific region without much ado. There has also been no notification from the register for notification of the release of the N9 on the Nokia website so don’t wait for this!!.

In Malaysia, Australia and Singapore, it can be bought SIM free via the respective Nokia retail outlets.

All the following prices have been sourced on the 15th of October 2011 and is subject to change. The recommended retail price for the 16GB version in Malaysia is Malaysian Ringgit $1799. In Australia, you can buy it outright for Australian Dollar $840 with Telstra. Although Harvey Norman has a lower advertised list price of ASD $634, this has to be paid over 36 months with interest (Total ASD $1180.92). In Singapore, the retail price for the 16GB version is SD $799.

Major telecom providers across all regions have also added the N9 to their offerings, with special promotional prices. This includes (16GB versions unless otherwise specified):

Celcom, from Malaysian Ringgit $968

Digi, from Malaysian Ringgit $1199

Telstra, from ASD $84 for 24 months contract (include ASD $35/month X 24 repayment for the ASD $840 Recommended Retail Price of the N9)

Vodafone, from ASD $55 for 24 months contract (Same plan cost for both 16GB and 64GB models, includes ASD $10/month X 24 for the N9))

Optus, from ASD $59 for 24 months contract (3 first months free).

In Australian, the N9 can also be bought from Allphones, Crazy Johns, TeleChoice, Virgin Mobile (To be released), Mr Mobile and Network Communications stores.

M1, from Singapore Dollar SD $248 on a 24 months contract

Singtel, from Singapore Dollar $25.68 on a 24 months contract plus SGD $398 upfront for the cost of the N9

Starhub, (To be released)

(Please recheck all prices with your local retailer before purchase)

It is clear that the N9 has the backing of all major telecommunications providers in the Asia Pacific region, and the same can be expected across the world.


Because it’s perfect!

It is THE smartphone of the year and it is set to change the way people look at and use smartphones.

All the anticipation has come to a climax and the N9 is poised to be the most sought after smartphone in the world. The redemption of the true spirit of Nokia’s innovation cherished by all its loyal user has begun.




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