Nokia N9: The iPhone 5 Replacement

Nokia N9: What iPhone 5 should have been…

Holding the Nokia N9 in my hands makes me realise that the N9 is what the iPhone 5 should have been, rather than the recently released iPhone 4S. Despite the reported queues, the 4S is no different from the iPhone 4, bar a few insignificant technical improvements.

Contrast this to the N9.

Looking at the smooth finish, vibrant colours or glorious black and the curved Gorilla glass screen instantly captivates you. Holding the perfect form factor and evenly weighted body brings joy to the heart. If this is not a religious experience, I don’t know what is.

In the past, only Apple could manage a feat like this. This is no longer the case.

And we haven’t even switched on the N9!

The packaging is intentionally understated and ecologically friendly. The designers have even come up with a plug that is pure simplicity and art. Couple this to the USB cable and Voila!…you have your charger and adapter with no extra weight or wastage.


The polycarbonate body is solid to the touch and feel, yet has a human skin like finished. It meets both form and function and can clearly survive any accidental falls or knocks. Keeping in mind that the cockpit of the the Raptor F-22 fighter jet is also made of the same material and you know what a premium handset this is.

The power button and the volume rocker is on the right side. They sit almost flushed with the main body and have a silver-like high polish surface.

On the top lies the cover for the micro-USB and the micro-SIM port. Again, form meets function here. Both cover lies completely flushed with the body but a give the clearly defined acupunture-like point a push and the cover lifts up effortlessly to reveal the micro-USB slot.

The N9 supports USB On The Go so you can use any generic USB drives with it, flash or otherwise, and have direct access to your media and data files without any restrictions…


With this cover open, slide the micro-SIM cover to the left and release in one movement, and the micro-SIM holder pops out for easy removal. It is pure magic and you’ll have to do this yourself to appreciate how clever the whole mechanism really is!

At the bottom right hand corner lies an unobtrusive mini-circle. If I did’t tell you so, you wouldn’t have guessed that this is the front facing camera. It’s like it’s not even there….

Magic again.

Turn the N9 aroung and you’ll find the 2 LED camera flash. The large aperture of the main camera allows the N9 to have the same low light performance as using the Xenon flash on the N8 and yet still allow the 8 MP camera and LED flash to lie flush with the back surface.

Again the camera and flash design is so unobtrusive that it melts into the highly polished silver finish Nokia logo plate.

Classy and beautiful.

Once, those two words belongs only to users of iPhones. Now, only N9 owners deserve these two words.

Switching the N9 on, one is instantly engaged by the intuitive and responsive user interface. Even here, the N9 is capable of feats not seen on any other smartphone including the iPhone 4S, like true muti-tasking where movies continue to play seamlessly in the background as you move from one home screen to another.

Peek-a-boo Magic! Another party trick!

One has to be constantly reminded that it is the N9, not an iPhone that is in one’s hand. The user interface is par excellence, above and beyond current iPhone user interface design.

The current rushed release of the iPhone 4S without any significant improvements, design or technical wise, suggests to me that the marketing team at Apple knows that the iPhone may potentially fade into obsolescence with the retail release of the Nokia N9 smartphone in international markets this week.

The N9 design team has always been forthcoming from the start with their intention to produce a smartphone that is an “iPhone killer”. That is why the Nokia N9 uses a micro-SIM slot. Current iPhone users can just take out their micro-SIM from their iPhones and plug it into the N9.

Voila! A proud new owner of the Nokia N9!

There is no doubt that current iPhone users will fall in love with the N9 at first sight for it is for the lack of a better description, the PERFECT iPhone! Leading egde technology, impeccable built-quality, superb user-interface and open access to media and data files without any tie-downs whatsoever!

Smartphone Heaven!

Bearing in mind that Apple has to pay Nokia a royalty for every iPhone sold in the world, no one can claim that the N9 is anything but of original design and true Finnish innovation and technical prowess at its best.

This begs the question that if Stephen Elop’s plan to kill off the Nokia N9 in it’s developmental stages succeeded, perhaps this would be how the iPhone 5 would have look and felt like.

It also makes one wonder whether the intentional limited release of the N9 in US, UK and other major markets is another defensive strategy by Microsoft to deprive iPhone users from being exposed to the N9 and hence protect the high-end smartphone marketshare in Apple’s favour.

After all, Microsoft and Apple have been playing the “good-guy” “bad-guy” routine for the longest time in terms of Desktop OS, while cornering the worldwide market at both high and low end at the same time.

Of course, this can no longer be.

The Nokia N9 is the next iPhone 5 replacement.

Before you throw away your hard-earned money on the hyped-up but dated iPhone 4S, you would do yourself a big favour by checking out the N9 at a local Nokia retail outlet or ask a friendly Malaysian, Australian or Singaporean to send you one.

Stephen Elop and Steve Ballmer may huff and puff but the Nokia N9 with Meego Harmattan 1.2 is born, and the world of Nokia and discerning high-end smartphone users will rejoice!

Enjoy this tremendous handset!

I know I will, with the pre-order bundled free Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-505 with NFC capabilities and splash-proof design!
(BH-505 review)

Another reason to pre-order your N9 if you haven’t already done so!!!



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