Nokia N9 Worldwide Retail Search Machine

The Nokia N9 Retail Search Machine

The saga of the N9 continues as it is released into major retail markets via Nokia outlets and tele-communication providers like Vodafone, Telstra, Optus, Singtel, M1, Celcom and Digi.

Unfortunately, the mis-information campaign against the Nokia N9 continues unabated, the confusion aggravated and perpetuated by the CEO of Nokia itself, Stephen Elop.

Instead of leading a massive worldwide marketing campaign to herald the best smartphone ever produced by Nokia, Stephen Elop does all he can to make believe to himself that the N9 does not exist. He would also like all Nokia and iPhone users and potential buyers of the N9 to believe so as well.

Great lengths have been taken to deny potential buyers the information of the release of the N9 handset in the Asia Pacific region. Despite registering with the Nokia website for early notification, none of our sources in Malaysia, Australia and Singapore receive notification from Nokia, despite the fact that the N9 has been available in Malaysia and Australia for over a week now.

So, don’t rely on Nokia to inform you of the local release of the N9!

Hence the need for a “Retail Search Machine” for the N9, driven by real users, looking for the best smartphone that there is in the market.

After all, isn’t that what the free-market is all about?

So, we ask all of you out there to help us help the rest of the world to find the Nokia N9 in retail outlets. Leave us a comment if you have seen the N9 in your own local stores.

Once we have 3 or more comments on the same location, we will add your location to the list. We are eager to hear from readers in Latin America, Europe particularly Scandinavian countries, central Asia and Russia as we can’t read Finnish, French, etc, Africa, South Asia, China, Hong Kong and Japan.

Of course, due credit will be given to all contributors!!!


Many thanks in advance on behalf of all the worldwide Nokia N9 Meego Harmattan fans!!!



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2 Responses to Nokia N9 Worldwide Retail Search Machine

  1. Des says:

    We want the Gorgeous N9 in the UK nothing against WP7.5, I just want the N9 I love Meego just a swipe

    • nokiavswp7 says:

      Hi Des,

      We have nothing against the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango either. We are all for open fair competition, cause that way, it benefits users like you and us most.

      Unfortunately, the “Embrace, Extend, Extinguish ” policy of Microsoft via Stephen Elop means that the N9 Meego Harmattan is wilfully suppressed, denying people in the UK and many other countries from access to the lovely highly advanced and meticulously developed N9.

      Unlike the Lumia 800, the N9’s poor cousin, the N9 is designed for the people and future-proofed at point of purchase.

      The less people buy Windows Phone 7.5 Mango products (particularly the Lumia 800, which is an inferior product that is obsolete before it is even launched from the hardware and OS point of view), the faster Stephen Elop will be asked to leave Nokia, the sooner all this madness will stop, and the more certain you will be able to get smartphones like the N9 in UK in the future (and not get “force-fed” rubbish like the Lumia 800).


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