Nokia N9 Moments…

Nokia N9: The smartphone you can spend the rest of your life with…

Ever since I laid my eyes and hands on the N9, we have been inseparable. She’s spend every hour of the last few days either in my hands, in my pocket (Yes, the N9 fits nicely and don’t weigh you down like others) or next to my pillow. She’s the first sight I see in the morning when she wakes me up, and the last sight at night when I check the time and look for any urgent messages before retiring…

Even though I work her hard via NFC Bluetooth, Videos, web surfing, work calls, social calls, reading word, PDF and other documents flawlessly without installing any additional apps, she stores enough charge to last at least 2 full days…of course, she needed 2-3 days of “full charge and discharge cycles” before she got used to my demanding lifestyle and keep up with me!

Stand-by time? Sorry, we have too many things to do, places to see and pictures to take to test out stand-by battery time! šŸ˜‰ And what gorgeous pictures and videos she is capable of!!!

And she is built so strong that for the first time, I feel confident to keep her in my pocket and carry her around without a protective cover. I think she prefers it this way too…!

You can tell…I’m bewitched!!!

So will you should you ever lay eyes on this beauty…

Can’t tell if it is the curves…her smooth dark body…or the fantastic OLED black panel where the smallest letters never ever looked so crisp and clear, where colours are so alive, and the edges and contrast so razor sharp that everything just seems to float above the screen in a surreal manner…

Maybe it’s because since she came into my life, I have never and can never be lost again anywhere I find myself in the world! Thanks to the new and amazing Nokia Maps and in-built GPS receiver and downloadable country maps that you can store and access on the N9 without needing a Network or WiFi connection for navigation.

How cool is that?

Best thing of all, she never once try to tell me what I can do, how I should access my files, or how I should spend my money, or what kind of company we should keep and interact with…The N9 is built upon open international standards like Bluetooth and Near Field Communications and of course, Meego Harmattan 1.2.

No need to go to the “Cloud” before I can access my files. No need to pay for “Airplay” before I can stream my music and video or transfer files wirelessly. Get to keep my old chums, like my old but trusty Bluetooth headset and speakers.

I can buy her any accessories that she likes and she can instantly interact with them, making our lives easier, more productive, richer and more meaningful.

Unlike some other “sophisticated” ladies, she has no false air about her and remains true to her origins…she has no need to pretend to be anyone else nor try to take over some other company through the back door and leave pain, joblessness and suffering in her wake.

Shame on you Windows Phone 7.5…

Truth be told, you can never mistake her for anyone else…not even if Stephen Elop offers you a million dollars in an indecent proposal.

She’s that special…

She’s a keeper…and worth much much more.

I’m glad she’s mine.

Just like my better half!

If you enjoy yours as much as I do mine, then pray share your “N9 Moments” with us here…




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