Nokia N9: Set to out-last iPhone 4S and Windows Phone 7.5 from the grave…

Nokia N9: Set to out-last iPhone 4S and Windows Phone 7.5 from the grave…

AS we are writing this, the net has been deluged by reviews stating that “Meego is Dead”, “Doomed”, “No future support for N9” or even “N9 is Dead-man Walking”. They talk bad about the N9 in the beginning as they must, yet it is clear the “Reviewers” can’t help but love (Slashgear Review) this beast of a beauty (Engadget Review)

So we decided to have a look at the lifespan support for the OTHER major smartphone handset and OS in the market to date, namely iPhone 4 and Windows Mobile 6.5.

iPhone 4 was released in April 2010 running iOS 4. However, when iOS 5 was released in Oct 2011, the iPhone 4 was already not fully supported. The supposedly”ground-breaking” SIRI voice navigation cannot run on the iPhone 4 despite being only 16 months old. Furthermore, the iOS 5 release was more of a “catch-up” rather than a “forge ahead” upgrade, leaving even less reason for Apple to abandon the million of iPhone 4 users in the lurch.

Not cool at all by the supposedly “coolest operator” in the smartphone industry…

You can see more comments by real iPhone 4 users on the Apple Support website:

“Re: Will siri work on the iphone 4?
Oct 5, 2011 1:52 AM (in response to Evil Chick)

From a pure marketing standpoint, it makes perfect sense that Siri works only on 4S. Were it not for Siri, there would be very little incentive – almost none- to upgrade from 4 to 4s. But that’s not the same thing as saying it can’t physically be done, or it needs a particular chip to do it.”

“Re: Will siri work on the iphone 4?
Oct 5, 2011 10:27 AM (in response to UK-Max)

The only reason it wouldn’t work on the iPhone 4, is because Apple don’t want it too, the iPhone 4 has plenty of processing power for an app like that basically voice recognition and internet searches.

As Jonathan said it did work on 3GS and 4 until Apple bought it, another ploy to push people into upgrading.”

“Oct 5, 2011 2:51 PM (in response to STWCHEF)

I’ve had Siri working on my iPhone 4 for months now-in what universe does Apple think it is appropriate to render my Siri app on my iPhone 4 inoperable, just because they are releasing a newer version for the latest iPhone 4S?

Is Apple actually out to annoy all the existing customers like me, with Siri working on their current iPhones? Nice work, Apple….I’m very impressed…”

So not only do Apple not support iPhone handsets just over a year old, they make extra effort to DISABLE useful applications that used to work on your set in order to encourage you to buy another identical set (at the very least physically) to use the same app.


Worst still, you can now only sync via the iCloud service. No network connection = no sync = no files. I can think of many situation when this would be a nightmare. SIRI also will NOT WORK if you don’t have network access. How useful is that! To add salt to injury, SIRI will only work properly if you are in the USA.

Otherwise, you will just be subsidising the American users with your hard-earned cash, with no access to SIRI yourself, when you buy an iPhone 4S…ain’t cool at all if you ask me.

Also, good luck with SIRI if you are Welsh or Scottish. User feedback is that it only works 20% of the time if you don’t speak US English. So I won’t hold my breath if you are from Japan or India… 😉

Definitely more tie-in which benefits Apples, not users. Definitely another step backwards from the user independence and freedom to access their OWN FILES and software of use.

For windows Mobile 6.5, it was released on the May 2009 and the first devices appeared in end Oct 2009. However, when Windows Phone 7 was released on Feb 2010, the support for Windows Mobile 6.5 smart-phones ended. A mere pathetic 4 MONTHS.

No backward compatibility what-so-ever!!!

So all owners of smart-phones running on Windows Mobile 6.5 had to buy a new smartphone if they wanted new features when the Windows Phone 7 handsets were released on Oct 2010.

Exactly one year since they bought their last Windows Mobile 6.5 Smartphone.

That’s how long Microsoft supports their Smartphone OS and handsets.

So, compare this to the dead man walking Meego Harmattan 1.2 N9 handset. Not only is it supposed to be dead from the Meego Harmattan 1.2 OS point of view, it has also been declared dead many times over by our dear Stephen Elop.

Yet again and again and again, it has risen from the dead and rise far above the latest iPhone 4S in terms of technical innovation, screen size, quality of display, user interface design and most surprising of all, it even surpassed the iPhone 4S in terms of the “Wow!” factor and “Feelings of Religiousness“!!!

It is downright the coolest handset on the planet right now and has hit the stores world wide. Most important of all, it achieves this from the grave, without coercing anybody along the way…

Even as it “Dies”, it Lives!

The first firmware update for the retail N9 Meego Harmattan is already on it’s way with over 3500 improvements according to Konttori, and Klas Ström from Nokia already stated continued support for the Meego Harmattan platform for the coming years from Nokia.

Furthermore, Konttori is requesting for real-time N9 user feedback on what additional features they would like to see in the coming update. You can give your thoughts here.

How cool is that.

I wasn’t even going to talk about the Windows Phone 7.5 as it can’t even multi-task properly and it is just going to be implanted into the body of the N9 and calling it another name to try to fool people into buying a handset running it.

What a farce.

Stephen Elop should really be ashamed of himself. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Nokia has fallen off the Blue Chip Index in the STOXX Europe 50 index due to his brilliant stewardship at Nokia last month.

Matters not.

Thanks to Symbian 3 and S40 devices, Nokia ‘s bottom line is already making a come-back despite Stephen Elop’s blunderbust management skills. With the retail release of the N9 Meego Harmattan 1.2 handset all over the world in October 2011, the last quarter looks like it’s going to be sweet for Nokia and it’s shareholders.

It is ironic that the very handset condemmed by Stephen Elop should be the same handset that saves Nokia from complete financial ruins and allow Nokia to give him a bonus for Christmas. Then again, since when is the world ever fair or common sense common. If the latter exists, Stephen Elop would have been shown the door at the coming Nokia World event at London on the 26th of October.

We all know what Stephen Elop and Steve Ballmer are playing at and I’m sure most of us won’t be so stupid to fall for their scam, even if the board of Nokia can’t see through their false pretensions.

Of all the OS launching in the market, it is Windows Phone 7.5 Mango that will be dead still in the water. Putting the most contentious OS in the heart of the most loved smartphone in the world is more than just plain wrong.

It is sacrileges.

It turned the world’s most unpopular Smart-phone Operating System into the most hated.

A very bad move.

The outcome will not be good for Windows Phones 7.5 Mango handsets, Nokia or otherwise. Especially when this involves the good will of over 300 million loyal Nokia users and more iPhone converts…

Bottom line is, at the end of 2 years, the “dead” Nokia N9 will still run and look better and have more support than iPhone 4S and Windows Phone 7.5 Mango smart-phones.

Don’t be fooled to think otherwise.

Enjoy the N9 Meego Harmattan 1.2.

Buy Meego, Leaves Elop.


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7 Responses to Nokia N9: Set to out-last iPhone 4S and Windows Phone 7.5 from the grave…

  1. Ardeshir says:

    Dude, come on! It’s obvious that your point of view is biased, judging by your blog’s name and your other posts! N9 is amazing, beautiful, elegant, attractive, intuitive, simplistic, and easy-to-use. However, it’s not everything! To start, look at the CPU. Thanks to that, it’s going to lag several times a day at random points. Then look at the available apps. Gosh, the Ovi store is a ghost town. The 8-megapixel camera is exactly the same as what iPhone 4S has, minus the 1080p video recording, of course.

    I had been planning to get the N9 for a long time, but last week I saw my friend using it and realized that I can’t live with all the lag and lack of apps, not to even mention the fact that the OS has already passed away.

    I’m getting the 4S, and the only phone that might change my decision is the Galaxy Nexus. 🙂

    • nokiavswp7 says:

      Thanks Ardeshir,

      They say talk is cheap.

      Why don’t you have a look at the video on the Engadget review of the N9 for yourself. The link is below.

      Maybe there was somethng wrong with your friend’s handset.

      The 4S may have 4 cores (2 CPU, 2 Graphics) but we all know it makes no difference if the software is not optimised to take advantage of it. It is just a drain of battery power.

      The N9 has what is needed to do the job. The single Cortex A8 processor is not alone. There is another dedicated graphics chip and another for digital signal processing.

      1GHz Cortex A8 CPU, PowerVR SGX530 GPU, TI OMAP 3630 chipset (Hence 3 Cores). BUT the N9 chips are clocked at 1 GHz, while that of the 4S, at 800MHz.

      The N9 also has more working memory (RAM) at 1 GB, while the 4S only have half of that (512MB).

      You can read more on this at the AnandTech wensite but there is no direct comparison available for the N9 for some reason…perhaps the N9 is faster?

      So don’t be afraid. I won’t be too hung-up on the core issue (pun intended) if I were you 😉

      Furthermore, the 4S is already outdated. The screen is only 3.5″, and that makes a big practical difference for daily use, especially for games, intensive web-surfing or reading documents and blogs like this.

      4S also have no NFC capability and is hence obsolete as this is the future. You are better off waiting for the iPhone 5 and save yourself some money. Just pray that Apple will include NFC and not some other closed standard when the 5 comes out though…

      Straight out of the box, my N9 has apps to allow me to surf the web, access social networking sites, manage my emails centrally, play 4 different games (Need for Speed, Angry Birds, Real Golf 2011 and Galaxy On Fire 2), navigate the world off-line, edit pictures and videos, see what’s the weather like and manage my local WAN. There is also an app for Feeds, Skype, Track and Protect, You Tube, and built-in Back-up app which only takes 1 minute to do the job while I stream music via bluetooth and browse the web at the same time.

      What apps more do you need?

      I know I wanted a Torch and i got one from the Ovi store for free. And also my file manager and voice recorder. Also free.

      I don’t know about you but I prefer useful apps to just millions of apps. Especially when they are pre-bundled and free!!!

      As for the camera, the 4S is again obsolete as it only has a aperture of 2.4 whereas the N9 2.2. This means the N9 sees better in low light. Also, the N9 has a 26 mm focal length equivalent of a point and shoot camera for 4:3, wheres the 4S is only 35 mm. This means you get much more wider angle shots with the N9 compared to the 4S, which is again obsolete. Last but not least, the sensor in the N9 is actually 8.7 MP.

      Furthermore, even though the iPhone 4S can record at 1080p, it falls from grace by virtue of the fact that like the iPhone 4, it can only record the video with mono soundtrack.

      I mean come on. Who in the right mind would want to record 1080p HD only to find that when it is played back on their 10K home theater that the video only has MONO sound!!!

      Another reason why the iPhone 4S is already Obsolete before it is launched.

      Compare this to the Nokia N9 Meego Harmattan, or even the N8 running on Symbian 3. Both are capable of recording HD video in Stereo right out of the box. Without Stereo sound for a High Definition movie, the question of whether the movie is in 720p HD or 1080p is moot.

      The fact of the matter is that the N9 is just being humble and not blowing it’s horns…or do i see stephen elop’s hand covering it’s mouth so that it can’t tell the world what a really great phone it really is!!!


      Don’t insult Damian by saying that they are the same!

      You can get the details from Damian himself here:

      As for your other comment, what do you expect?

      I’m MeegoMan


  2. Jethro says:

    Well, this is the only phone I actually got on the first day it launched and I absolutely loving it! Hardware and software, probably with the coming update, would actually be in perfect symphony! With future release of Alien Dalvik to run Android apps, and the Meego community actually able to dual boot Android and Windows! Unlimited potential, in my point of view.

    • nokiavswp7 says:

      Yes,its a great phone and equally fantastic Meego Harmattan 1.2 operating system.

      It is not often that you find a device that is actually useful, reliable and one that you grow to love rather than hate with each passing day.

      It still continues to impress and amazed me everyday. With free apps like the Nokia Panorama Camera, Compass, Ionic E-book Reader, Opera 11.5 Browser, MeeFastDial and Q To Do List Apps available on the Nokia Store, it truly approaches “perfect”.

      By the way, Alien Dalvik do not need to be installed on the local N9 environment to work. All it needs is for the developer of the apps to use it during the apps development.

      What this means is that once there are enough people using N9 and the potential market is large enough, this will happen by virtue of demand and supply.

      More reason to introduce the N9 to people around you!!! Share the joy and amazement!!

  3. Freejazzy says:

    Those days weren’t good in Elop’s life and career:
    10-11-2011: Nokia N9 has been announced the best mobile phone of the year in Sweden
    01-11-2011: Nokia N9 – Best selling phone to personal customers in October 2011 in Finland.

    Did Nokia make a mistake abandoning Meego? That’s interesting question…:)

    • nokiavswp7 says:

      Actually, to be pedantic, Nokia did not abandon Meego!

      Stephen Elop Did!. He ditched Meego so that Microsoft could get off their Burnin’ Windows Phone 7.5 Platform.

      Now, will Nokia ask Stephen Elop to leave?

      That is THE question… 😉

  4. Cynthia says:

    Howdy! This blog post couldn’t be written much better! Looking at this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept preaching about this. I will forward this information to him. Pretty sure he’s going to
    have a great read. I appreciate you for sharing!

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