Nokia N9: Stephen Elop is Starving Nokia to Death by Not Releasing the N9 in Profitable Markets Worlwide

Nokia N9: Stephen Elop Starving Nokia and the Finns to Death

The recent 2011 3rd quarter financial results from Nokia shows that the sale of the Symbian and S40 handsets in 3rd world markets have out-perform market-analyst expectations by more than a factor of 3, despite the disastrous handling of the “burning platform announcements“, premature declaration of death of the flagship Nokia N9 Meego Harmattan handset and the morale destroying needless restructuring and relocation of long time Nokia engineers and production staff.

These analyst-beating-results have been attributed to the sales volume of dual-sim units, like the humble C2. They had no large scale advertising and minimal profit margin and yet still able to contribute to a total sale of over 106 Millions units, beating analysts expectations of 93 Million units, and a smart-phone sale volume of 16.8 Million units, just shy of the hyper-marketed North-American market monopolising iPhone’s 17 Million handsets.

These are just staggering figures as even the launch of the top-of-the line Symbian 3 handsets Nokia N8 and E7 this year had been marred and crippled by the endless declaration by Stephen Elop that they will be running on unsupported dead-in-the water software even before they have even left the factory floor.

Of course, Stephen Elop has since had to change his tune and eat his own words in view of the strong sales figures of the Nokia N8 and E7. So much so that more Symbian 3 units have made their appearance since the release of the E7 and Nokia support have now been declared for until 2016, at least another 5 years from now.

5 years is long time if you compared it to the life expectancy for iPhones and Windows Mobile Operating systems in the past (see article).

And as we speak, the Symbian 3 updates Anna and Belle continues to roll-out and the 3500 updates for the Nokia N9 Meego Harmattan is already on it’s way to being released (updated 8th Nov 2011: The N9 PR 1.1 update have been released!!!).

This then begs the question of why is Stephen Elop intentionally and literally starving the companies and Finnish people to death by NOT releasing the Nokia N9 Meego Harmattan 1.2 in the markets that have the highest uptake and profit margins for smart-phones in the world like USA, UK, Germany and Japan?

It does not take a graduate from Harvard or London School of Economics to see clearly the huge artificially pent-up demand in the North American and European markets from just reading the blogs and comments in blogs.

It does not take a market analyst to also know that the biggest profit margins are from the sales of high end units like the Nokia N9 Meego Harmattan in the above markets.

Hence, Stephen Elop’s strategy of limited exposure in order to protect the market for the Windows Phone OS retail release somewhere in 2012 will mean that Nokia and its shareholders will continue to starve unnecessarily for the next quarter.

This is simply unethical and unacceptable.

AS the CEO of Nokia, his first and foremost responsibility is to the company and shareholders of Nokia whom employs him, not in protecting the interest of Microsoft and Windows Phone, neither which pays his salary and up-coming Christmas bonus at Espoo.

If any of you are attending the Nokia World 2011 event in London, I would suggest that you ask him to explain himself:

“Why are you intentionally starving Nokia to death when there is clearly a huge demand for the Nokia N9 Meego Harmattan, the best smartphone Nokia has ever made, in all the biggest and most profitable smartphone markets in the world?”

I know what I would do if I was Finnish or a Nokia Shareholder.

Petition the Nokia Board of Directors to remove Stephen Elop as the CEO immediately as the 3rd quarter results have shown that he is leading the whole company into ruins when Nokia has the potential to make 4th quarter profits with the world wide release and proper marketing support of the Nokia N9 Meego Harmattan 1.2 handset.

In short, I would do all I can to send him packing.

Stephen Elop clearly has vested interest in the demise of Nokia as a company, and of the Meego Harmattan 1.2 as an operating system. Due to these conflicts of interest, his position is clearly untenable.

Long live Nokia and the Finns.

We are right behind you in this one…

Buy Meego, Leaves Elop.


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