Nokia N9 Meego Harmattan Smartphone Bestseller Expansys USA

Nokia N9 Meego Harmattan 1.2: The Americans get into the game

It has come to our attention that the N9 is currently occupying 2 out of the 3 top selling smartphone list at Expansys USA!!!

This is no mean feat considering it has been “barred” from the North American markets by Stephen Elop and the only media coverage the N9 gets stateside is rubbish and full of inaccuracies!

The customer is always right, something that Stephen Elop does not understand, as he tries to retrofit the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango into the body of the N9 at the Nokia World 2011 event in London.

The truth is Mango is obsolete. Putting Mango Windows Phone 7.5 operating system into the body of the N9 makes the resulting Lumia 800 handset obsolete too.

The Lumia 800 is too late into the game. IT will always be nothing more than a “Nokia N9 Meego Harmattan wannabe“. Like all wannabes, they look cute in the beginning but no one takes them seriously.

No true multi-tasking, no direct access to user files, no 3.9″ gorilla glass screen, no swipe and no buttonless body-form. No Ooooomph!

Hardware by itself is inconsequential. No amount of design or “power” can make up for poorly engineered operating system software. Most savvy smartphone users are fully aware of this fact. Stephen Elop is unlike to get away with a fast one and pull the wool over the eyes of the smartphone users in the states and Canada.

Mango specifications requires all OEM hardware to include 3 buttons at the bottom of the screen. And the Windows Phone operating system is anchored to the network and cloud services. No network = no files = no work or play. Making such a service free does not mean anything at all!!!

Once more people see what Meego really is and what it is capable of, the Nokia N9 will surely be a top seller in the States and Canada for the Christmas Sale season and be much more easily available to all.

I think the Magenta or “Pink” version will make a lovely present for the lady in the house, don’t you agree?

I’m getting one for mine…;)

Enjoy the links below…

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Nokia N9 at Expansys Hong Kong



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