Nokia N9 Angel Wallpaper

Customising your own wallpaper for the N9

With the N9, making your own customised wallpaper is a breeze.

Just follow the steps below:

1. Connect the N9 via the supplied USB cable.
2. When you see the “USB device connected” message on the N9, select “Use as mass storage”.
3. Navigate to the root folder of the N9 on your computer. The N9 will appear as a “Removable Disk”.
4. Put your favourite pics into the Nokia N9’s “.wallpaper” folder by dragging them over or “cut/copy and paste” into the N9 folder drom your PC.
5. Unplug the USB cable from the N9.
6. On your N9, go to your “Settings” via the Apps homescreen.
7. At the bottom of the “Settings” screen, there is the Wallpaper icon.
8. Tap on that, and you can see the pics that you have just transferred over.
9. The current picture used as the wallpaper will be “framed in a blue line”.
10. Tap on any other picture, and that picture will fill the screen with two icons at the bottom (“Done” and “Cancel”). Choose “Done” and you are sorted! The selected picture will appear when you press the power-on button to wake the N9 up the next time!

ps If you are using the free “File Manager” app from Ovi Store, then the path to the wallpaper folder for the Nokia N9 is:


Meego can handle PNG and JPEG files directly.


This is a simple demonstration what it means to be free

N9 Meego Harmattan 1.2

Enjoy the N9 Angel Wallpapers…the dark ones will help conserve battery power!

N9 Angel Contour

N9 Angel Framed

N9 Angel Neon

N9 Angel Old Photo

N9 Angel on the Wall

N9 Angel on a Weaved Background



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