3 Responses to Nokia N9 Hard Reset Refresh Icon

  1. Alex says:

    Hard reset…?

    • nokiavswp7 says:

      The “hard reset” is actually done via “software”, an oxymoron.

      Go into the “Settings” menu and then choose “Reset”.

      Tap on that and you will have 2 further options:

      “Restore Settings”

      “Clear Device“

      Tapping on “Clear Device” will clear most things on the N9, including the default wallpapers. However, the bundled Apps like the Webkit2 Browser, Angry Birds, Face Book, etc will remain. The microSIM card contents does not appear to be affected either but I would do a back-up first if I were you. Only takes literally 2-minutes!

      The N9 handset will then reboot itself.

      Hope that helps…

  2. Alex says:

    So, how do you “Total Reset or Hard Reset nokia N9″, there are no instructions for it…

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