Lumia 800 Preorders Underwhelming in UK

Pre-orders volume mixed for Nokia’s Lumia 800

AS the truth starts to seep out into the mainstream through leaks and insider reports, the folly of Nokia’s ill-conceived experiment with Windows will come to light.

Putting Windows Software into Nokia phones is akin to putting full fat lard and Kentucky Fried Chicken into Weight Watchers salads.

It just won’t sell!!!

Customers buy fat-free salads for a reason. If they wanted Kentucky Fried Chicken in their diet, they won’t be buying Weight Watcher’s salad. They will go to KFC or McD’s instead.

Same thing will happen with the Lumia 800.

People buy Nokia phones because they do not want Windows.

IF they did, they would have bought a phone with Windows in it 1 year ago (launched Oct 2010). God knows there are too many smartphones with Windows out there to shake a stick at already (HTC, Samsung, Dell, LG, etc)!!!

Financial Times today reported that insider information from UK mobile carriers suggest that the pre-order volume for the Lumia 800 is much lower than the iPhone 4S and other Android smartphones.

The word “Underwhelming” comes to mind!!!

Of course, Stephen Elop is still living in his own world, talking like he has no clue who is the biggest exporter of mobile phones in the world (Shhhh…it’s NOKIA!!!).

Stephen Elop said at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecoms Conference at Barcelona:

The company is only just coming back into the market so it will take some time to regain its identity among smartphone users.”

Obviously he doesn’t know that there is this handset call the N9, which is already in the markert world-wide loved irrationally by millions, which is also produced by…..yes, you guessed it!


However, he did get it right by saying that the Nokia N9 is:

“…not another model, it is something brand new

Oooops….sorry, he was talking about the Lumia 800. Clearly, this man have no idea what he is talking about.

It is just embarrasing for Nokia and all of Finland.

He is also clearly oblivious to the fact that the Nokia N9 is also the BEST Selling smartphone in Finland….wait a minute…isn’t that where he works!???

The Nokia N9 outsold both iPhone and Android smartphones in the personal users category. Not bad for a “Dead-man-walking” smartphone!!!

Perhaps his Searay,…sorry Nokia N9 clone,…sorry Lumia 800, was’t working and he didn’t get the news?????

One can only sit and watch in horror as the comedy and farce continues…

Any investors would be mad to buy Nokia stocks right now.

It will just be money down the drain. The current grand-plans to embed Windows into all Nokia phones will serve no other purpose but drive the company into the ground




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