Nokia N9 Frozen Round Arrow Screen

The Frozen Refresh Icon and the Solution

Reading the N9 support blogs, some users are having difficulties with the “Frozen Round Arrow” issue. Actually, the “Round Arrow” is actually the “Refresh Icon”. It comes on after the N9 restarts itself after the Hard Reset is activated.

In the normal process, you just need to leave it alone for about 15 minutes for it to clear the files and reset the N9 to the virgin state. The N9 will then turn itself off and the Refresh Icon or “Round Arrow” will disappear and the N9 screen will be blank.

Then, all you have to do is press and hold the power on button for about 3 seconds and the unit will come back to live!

IF for whatever reason the N9 gets stuck in the “Refresh/Reset” phase and the round arrow icon persists for over 30 minutes to an hour, then you can just press the power on button and hold it for about 8 seconds and the N9 will restart itself and enter the “Refresh/Reset” phase again to finish the hard reset process.

This is not an Error or a Bug!

Again, just leave it to do the job and have a cup of nice coffee and all should be well when you get back…;)

Remember, the “Refresh Icon” is a friend!

For those having issues with a “continuously blinking phone” aftet initiating the reset procedure, you can also press and hold the power-on button for about 8 seconds and the phone should restart and continue doing what it was suppose to do. It is akin to taking out the battery, something that is not impossible but not necessary for these issues.

In extreme cases where the “Press Power-on Button and Hold for 8 Seconds” procedure doesn’t work, then just let the battery run out and recharge and all should be solved.

Hope that helps to clarify some of the issues with resetting the N9.

Enjoy your N9!!!



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6 Responses to Nokia N9 Frozen Round Arrow Screen

  1. O'niel says:

    Thanks for that info as I had to do a reset because my new N9 (first day with it) camera app on first use openned, but would not snap a pic. Then after I closed the app, it would not re-open. I had a message stating camera cannot open when i’m connected to computer, whick of course I wasn’t. I also am having a problem using Nokia Link, I mean it connects and all, but won’t sync my music or any files, due to not enough memory on phone. It tells me to delete apps to free up more room, and show the amount of room I have for storage is something like 350mb, I can’t remember the exact number. I’m now waiting for tha reset to complete, and hoping it will fix all my problems.

  2. O'niel says:

    resolved !!!!!!!!!!!!! That hard reset did the trick 🙂 camera works, video capture works, and I synced my music and pictures and everything. The amount of room available for storage is now 8.7 gigs from a 16 gb N9. I do see people are seeing the same and complaining, but as I understand, the 16 gb is divided up, part for music, pictures, file system etc. But still, wishing I had more room for storage. I will be keeping up with this, as maybe there is a fix/ solution to getting more than 8.7gb

    • nokiavswp7 says:

      Pleased to hear it helped!

      On a N9 running PR 1.2, there is a submenu “Data Storage” under the “Device” tab in the Settings screen. Go there and it will show you how your total 16 GB is divided up.

      For my 64 GB , it is Installed Apps 4.2 GB, Application Data 2.1 GB and User Data 57.7 GB (which makes a total of 64 GB as expected).

      User data would include all your music, pictures and movies files amongst other things.

      By the way, with PR 1.2 update, the Nokia N9 now supports USB On The Go (OTG). You can always carry what you need on a flashdrive or microSDHC card and access it this way. They now come in 32 to 64 GB versions. You should be able to browse the microSDHC using the N9 on the go.

      Hope that helps.

    • nokiavswp7 says:

      You are most welcome!.

      This issue almost drove me mad so I thought I spare you guys the headache I had to go through.

  3. Mani says:

    thanks alot man i really appreciated your description given above i thought my n9 was a piece of scrap but now its good to applied your description over my n9 m happy with it now..thanks..

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