Nokia N9 or Lumia 800: A No Brainer with Expansys UK and USA

Expansys Pricing makes choosing the Nokia N9 Easy in US and UK

AS we have mentioned in our previous posts, the Lumia 800 is not priced competitively at all compared to the BEST Smartphone of the Year 2011 Sweden Mobile Awards, the Nokia N9.

This is especially the more annoying for new potential buyers as the Lumia 800 is nothing more than a “Stripped-down” Nokia N9, running on an obsolete operating system, Windows. Indeed, the very first “Windows” software was designed in 1981, more than 30 years ago!!!

Compare this to the Meego Harmattan Operating System that has been continuously reviewed as “The Next iOS Killer”!!! With state-of-the-art features like the SWIPE User-Interface and Near Field Communications, it is easy to see why!!!

Neither are available on the Lumia 800 with Windows Phone OS.

In the UK, for £5 more, you can get yourself a Nokia N9 with 3.9″ larger screen, Near Field Communications, SWIPE User Interface, Front Facing Camera as standard, 512MB more RAM, Penta-band 3G capability, additional WiFi a-band, the Ability to Transfer Files with Bluetooth, FM Radio Transmitter (To be enabled in future software upgrade), Bluetooth 4.0 Chipset and of course, the Revolutionary Meego Harmattan Operating System where you can have generic access not only to all your files but all the N9 memory as a external storage device with just a USB cable.

Nokia N9 16GB Expansys UK £499.99
Lumia 800 16GB Expansys UK £494.99

Pay a little more and you have the choice of the 64GB version of the Nokia N9 at £554.99.
This option is NOT available with the Lumia 800. There is NO 64GB version!!!

If you are in the US, then the decision is even more of a No-Brainer:

Nokia N9 16GB Expansys USA USD $689
Lumia 800 16GB Expansys USA USD $789

For the Lumia 800, you will be paying an EXTRA $100 for a Stripped-down handset with out-dated software.

No thank you Mr Stephen Elop.

I rather buy myself some cans of Buds to enjoy while I play with my new Nokia N9 thank you so very much!!!

Not to mention that the Nokia N9 has been voted the Best Smartphone 2011 in Sweden and found to be the Best Selling Smartphone October 2011 in Finland.

The Finns should know which is a better phone. They made both of them …;)

The rest, they say, is up to you.




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