Nokia N9 PR 1.1 Meego OS Update Goes Global

Nokia N9 PR 1.1 Meego OS Upgrade Reaches Pacific Ocean

Barely 2 weeks since the N9 PR 1.1 update was announced by Nokia Support Discussions, we can confirm from our sources in the Pacific Rim that the update is now available Over-The-Air in these countries for unlocked-sets.

Specifically, all Australian and New Zealand handsets that were originally from Singapore should be able to begin their PR 1.1 update today!!!

This also means that the Singaporeans and the Malaysians should also be able to start downloading too!!!

This is very good news for all Nokia N9 users as more than 3500 improvements are expected as blogged by Kontorri.


This is no mean feat considering that the Nokia N9 Meego Harmattan 1.2 smartphone has barely been released in these areas. Most owners would not have had the N9 for more than 2 months before this significant firmware update.

This must go down as the fastest firmware update released for a smartphone in history!!!

Sorry, I have to qualify that…the Nokia N9 PR 1.1 operating system update is the fastest firmware full of Improvements ever released in the smartphone industry, barring “fixes” like the latest iPhone 4S iOS 5.0.1 battery drain release (which may have made the battery drain even faster).

The Meego Update PR 1.1 details are as follows:

Version: 20.2011.40-4

Size: 218.6 MB

Please prepare for update:
– Make sure the battery is fully charged or connect to a charger

– Use WLAN or your Wi-Fi connection if available

The N9 handset will be restarted once the update download is complete. Don’t Forget to back-up your phone before-hand, even-though Nokia handsets have been using “non-destructive” OTA firmware upgrades for years now.

Upgrade Features:

The Nokia N9 will get Music Controls on the “Lock-screen”, even better “Multi-tasking“, Near Field Communication Tag Reading capabilities and much much more!!!

All the following Apps will be updated:

User Guide
Real Golf 2011
Ovi Music
Need for Speed Shift
Galaxy on Fire 2
AP Mobile
Angry Birds Free with Magic

After download, the process may take up to 40 minutes to install. Your N9 will not be available for calls during this time so make sure you make all your necessary calls before updating!

This upgrade makes the BEST Selling Smartphone of the Year 2011 in October in Finland and the BEST Smartphone of the Year Award 2011 in Sweden even more sweet!!!




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