Nokia N9 Launches in China with Viral Video

N9 Wows with Fan Bingbing “UnFollow”

If I was a director, I would have made the same movie, to depict the N9’s epic struggle against the conventional, against being force to be something else, against being “Un-Nokia”…

Be true to yourself…

Be like the Nokia N9.

Enjoy the video amd the translation below 😉


If you had a chance to choose, would you be someone else?
This is not a matter of choice, I will not doubt myself.

Can I survive in the face of critism?
As much as I have survived on praise.

If others choose to endure, then I choose to resist.
If others choose to compromise, then I choose to fight.

It doesn’t matter if the future will be brilliant,
I won’t give up on today.

You may think I am crazy,
As I think everyone is too ordinary.

I am true.

I will show my true self.

Nokia N9…Unfollow!!!

Link to the video:

Welcome to China’s 1.3 Billion Market!!!

Dare to be Different!!!

Here’s a most recent user-review of this “Ferrari-of-a-smartphone



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