Nokia Lumia 900 Officially Obsolete

Nokia Lumia 900 and Windows Phone 7.x Officially Obsolete

We have blogged on this many weeks ago following the comments of Paul Thurrotts at the Windows Supersite.

The biggest difference now is that it is official. Not only is Windows Phone 8 apps not backward compatible with all Windows Phone 7.x (including the yet to be release Windows Phone 7.8 Update) handsets, including the Lumia 900 and all other Lumia handsets to date, there will be no upgrade path for these owners either.

This effectively means that the Nokia Windows Phone 7.5 flagship is obsolete barely one and a half month after its retail release in the UK market. With developers forced to develop for the “new ecosystem”, aka Windows Phone 8, so that they can write once run everywhere like what Meego Harmattan could already do, the app market for all Windows Phone 7.x will shrivel up and disappear.

Carriers are already shunning the Nokia Pureview 808 handset for the same reasons. O2 and 3 have already confirmed that they will not be carrying the Symbian Pureview handset.

With an unlock set priced at more than £450, it is unlikely to sell many units in the UK or anywhere else for the matter. Unicore processor and bulky design fails to make up for other shortcomings when there are handsets like the Galaxy S3 already out in the market and Samsung Note 2 expected by October.

The same fate awaits Lumia 900 (also more than £450 SIM free) and other Lumia Windows 7.x handsets, as the Galaxy S3 with 4 cores, living OS and all the other bells and whistles will cost you the same (free delivery with Amazon UK).

Its suicidal marketing for Nokia.

The days of Nokia are truly over. Nokia have been dragged through the garden path filled with thorns, spines and prickles and come out very poorly for it. The closing of the original manufacturing plant at Salo by Elop speaks volumes of how far the great and mighty Nokia have fallen. The chucking of Meltemi, the core of the plan to connect the next billion, portends the same dreadful end.

Nokia shares have fallen below 2 euros per share and continues to descent unabatedly. There is no bottom. How can there be with all the above happening?

The people at the sales department at Nokia will have a very rude shock in Q3 when they wake to find that the ground have given way beneath them in terms of sales of smartphones with high profit per unit ratio like the Lumia 900 and Pureview 808.

It will be surprising if the combined sales worldwide of the two exceeds 2 million units in Q3, if it even passes the million mark at all.

Meego was the natural successor to Windows and iOS. The N9 was the market disruptor for smartphones.

Now, this title falls to the lap of the Galaxy S3 handset, especially since Samsung have released the source code for the S3 operating system less than a week after the release of the Galaxy S3!

With sites and community like CyonogenMod and the above, the possibility for users and developers are endless. The dreams of Meego and the open source community have in a way been reborn in the world of Samsung Android smartphones!

Powerful, efficient, safer, ubiquitous and open source. Meego could run on phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and even cars.

With QT, it was write once run everywhere. Literally.

Developers would have fallen over each other to support it. All users would have benefited.

It would have been the end of the iron fist monopolistic rule of Microsoft and Apple overnight.

This is the reason for the covert take over of Nokia by Microsoft. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Nokia means nothing to Microsoft now as the destruction is complete. It is just a matter of disassembling Nokia piecemeal and assimilating the useful parts.

Why, Microsoft is already looking at designing and producing “Microsoft Phones“. What use would Nokia be to them anymore, apart from providing NavTeq Navigation apps for the upcoming Windows 8 phone at no cost to Microsoft and nice juicy IP patents from Nokia to its collection when the covert take over is complete?

A most elegant demonstration of the power and effectiveness of extend, embrace and extinguish.

Bravo Ballmer!

As for Nokia, its curtains.


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  1. N80 IE says:

    A very well written piece.

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