Nokia N9 Meego PR 1.3 Goes Live Worldwide

Meego N9 Resurrection

Meego Lives

In fact, a resurrection may be in order.

To much a coincidence that the 3rd update (PR 1.3 official release statement) was released on the day the new Nokia chairman declared on live TV that “We have a plan B if Windows Phone fails”

Well, the Windows Phone Lumia experiment has failed. Meego Harmattan 1.2 PR 1.3 is Plan B.


Meego is the natural successor to Windows and iOS. Powerful, efficient, safer, ubiquitous and open source. It can run on phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and even cars.

With QT, is write once run everywhere. Literally.

Espoo just needs to clearly show that support for Meego is real and programmers and developers will return by the droves to Espoo.

Enough messing about with the N9 wannabes.

The fact that there were programmers willing to code over 1000 bug fixes for the “Dead man Walking” Meego OS until the very last day at work shows how strong the love and commitment developers and programmers have for Meego at Espoo.(Official Change Logs)

Many thousands, even tens of thousands more share the same passion in the community.

Since Jean Louis Gassée called for the resignation of Stephen Elop 2 days ago, the removal of Stephen Elop as the CEO of Nokia by Risto Siilasmaa, the new Nokia Chairman, has become a real possibility.

The metaphor of the founder of the largest Finnish antivirus company
looking over the shoulder of the worlds most infamous trojan horse is wholly apt!

In another program cycle or two, the virus will be disinfected. It seems only a matter of time now.

Of course, Espoo will not survive another Osbourne effect so support
for Elop and Windows Phone will be loud and clear until the day this happens, and he is quietly asked to leave.

By the backdoor, of course. The same way he got in.

Happy Belated 1st Birthday to the Nokia N9!!!

1 year old and still loved by Millions all over the World!!!

The time is ripe for a proper worldwide release of the second Meego smartphone. The N9 RS.

Why RS? Why “Resurrection” of course!!

The best may yet to come!

Enjoy your Nokia N9 PR 1.3 release in the time being!!!


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One Response to Nokia N9 Meego PR 1.3 Goes Live Worldwide

  1. Kevin Chadwick says:

    Great hopefully jolla and meego are here to stay and I can finally have a proper email client like claws mail due to proper linux desktop app like support. Android is great but it really does need a dose of freedom from internet required to just use the calendar and expected for everything to security configuration and everythings an app syndrome without even basic shell support by default.

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