Jolla Phone Spikes On Google Search Trends



It has been a while since the pre-release campaign of a phone has generated so much buzz and excitement. It looks like the actual launch of Jolla Phone at the later part of the year will eclipse even that of the original Meego Harmattan N9.

Why, Jolla Phone is even being labeled as “Deviant Linux Smartphone“!!! Sounds really cool and catchy!!!

All this attention and “love”…can only be a good thing… πŸ˜‰


Check out the following cool links while you’re here with us:

Ex-Nokia team creates two-part ‘Jolla’ mobile phone

A team of ex-Nokia engineers and designers has unveiled the Jolla, a totally new smartphone with a totally new operating system. Even if this snazzy new device crashes and burns like other dark-horse mobile devices in the past, it sure will look good while it does so.

The phone’s most unique aspect has to be its split nature: The front has the usual smartphone guts and a 4.5-inch HD screen. But attach an “other half” to the back and your phone gets a new look, new profile, or even new features. Each rear piece can be independently configured
β€” have one for work and one for personal use, for instance, or buy one that adds exclusive apps or even something like wireless charging…”

Jolla, Sailfish, and the future of MeeGo

You may remember in my last article I explained the undying love I feel for my Nokia N9, which has since been replaced by an admittedly awesome, yet much less unique Android phone.

This change was prompted by the N9s MeeGo operating system becoming more and more dated, and me not wanting to be left behind.

So with the N9 receiving no more support from Nokia, and the team behind it having all moved on from the Finnish mobile giant, it’s pretty safe to say MeeGo is well and truly dead, right?


Meet Jolla…”


Everyone say “Hi” πŸ™‚


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One Response to Jolla Phone Spikes On Google Search Trends

  1. Kevin Chadwick says:

    Great hopefully jolla and meego are here to stay and I can finally have a proper email client like claws mail due to proper linux desktop app like support. Android is great but it really does need a dose of freedom from internet required to just use the calendar and expected for everything to security configuration and everythings an app syndrome without even basic shell support by default.

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