Nokia N9 Battery Replacement DIY

This is the Best video by far on disassembling and putting the N9 together again.

All credits must go to Le55ons.

The tools that you will need is a T5 screwdriver, plenty of light and a steady hand.

Also, a small plastic knife with thin edges will come in handy.

Used this video to replace the BV-5JW, 1450mAh, 3.8V, 5.5Wh battery for my N9.

One small tip, the battery connector must be inserted the “right way down”, as the connectors to the N9 motherboard is only present on one side of the the battery’s connector.

If you don’t get this right, the N9 will not power on.

Small detail but big difference.

Very pleased to find that the new replacement battery showed a 97% charge right out of the packaging!!! However, the phone should still be charged for the recommended 12 hours before use for the phone to calibrate itself to the new battery. The 97% reading is more than likely an overestimation.

Another note is that if the battery is faulty, the N9 will consistently display the “There is something wrong with your charger…” error. Just replace the faulty battery and the error message will disappear.

So, don’t throw away your N9 if the battery is struggling or needs replacing. It can be done!

Spares can still be found from Amazon UK at 14.99 pounds:

Nokia N9 Battery Amazon UK

If you are also looking for more information on the N9 Battery, the Nokia N9 Hub has done a very good write at:

Nokia N9 Battery Q&A

Thank you, Le55ons!!!


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