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Nokia N9 Battery Replacement DIY

This is the Best video by far on disassembling and putting the N9 together again. All credits must go to Le55ons. The tools that you will need is a T5 screwdriver, plenty of light and a steady hand. Also, a … Continue reading

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We have become jollaN9story

nokiavswindowsphone has become jollan9story Hope against hope, Nokia has failed to resurface, and in its’ present form under Elop, nothing more than an OEM manufacturer for Windows Phone in everything but name. As such, we have decided to change the … Continue reading

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Nokia N9 Meego PR 1.3 Goes Live Worldwide

Meego N9 Resurrection Meego Lives In fact, a resurrection may be in order. To much a coincidence that the 3rd update (PR 1.3 official release statement) was released on the day the new Nokia chairman declared on live TV that … Continue reading

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Nokia Lumia 900 Officially Obsolete

Nokia Lumia 900 and Windows Phone 7.x Officially Obsolete We have blogged on this many weeks ago following the comments of Paul Thurrotts at the Windows Supersite. The biggest difference now is that it is official. Not only is Windows … Continue reading

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Nokia N9 Moments…

Nokia N9: The smartphone you can spend the rest of your life with… Ever since I laid my eyes and hands on the N9, we have been inseparable. She’s spend every hour of the last few days either in my … Continue reading

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The Real Nokia versus Windows Phone Poll

Nokia had recently conducted a poll where they “found” 9 out 10 current users of Nokia phones would like to have Windows Phone 7 operating system on their phones. As Nokia is now taken over by the Head of Business … Continue reading

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