I am the First One T-shirt arrives!!!

Guess what the postman brought for us today…..


The First One T-shirt

There was even a Thank you card in the package!!!


Thank you card

It is almost unreal, but the connection has been made and Jolla has become reality all over the world. Until the Jolla phone reaches you, you can download the Jolla ringtone to use on your current phone from the Jolla Contact Us webpage or via the direct links below:

MP3Β (right click and save to download)

OGG (right click and save to download)

FLACΒ (right click and save to download)

I am the first one T-shirts will definitely be hitting the streets this weekend!!!

Enjoy and spread the word!



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Jolla Phone: I am the First One T-shirts are shipping

Over the last few weeks, Jolla has started shipping the “I am the first one” T-shirt that was part of the pre-booking campaign all over the world. Many have posted pictures of themselves and the T-shirt on the JollaHq twitter site.

More and more are also taking part in the “Dry T-shirt” competition.

If you have received yours and would like to take part, the link is here:

Jolla Dry T-shirt competition

Better hurry.

The closing date is at the end of August. We have been told that a Facebook account is not required to take part.

The release of the Jolla Phone should not be too far behind… πŸ˜‰



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Nokia N9 Battery Replacement DIY

This is the Best video by far on disassembling and putting the N9 together again.

All credits must go to Le55ons.

The tools that you will need is a T5 screwdriver, plenty of light and a steady hand.

Also, a small plastic knife with thin edges will come in handy.

Used this video to replace the BV-5JW, 1450mAh, 3.8V, 5.5Wh battery for my N9.

One small tip, the battery connector must be inserted the “right way down”, as the connectors to the N9 motherboard is only present on one side of the the battery’s connector.

If you don’t get this right, the N9 will not power on.

Small detail but big difference.

Very pleased to find that the new replacement battery showed a 97% charge right out of the packaging!!! However, the phone should still be charged for the recommended 12 hours before use for the phone to calibrate itself to the new battery. The 97% reading is more than likely an overestimation.

Another note is that if the battery is faulty, the N9 will consistently display the “There is something wrong with your charger…” error. Just replace the faulty battery and the error message will disappear.

So, don’t throw away your N9 if the battery is struggling or needs replacing. It can be done!

Spares can still be found from Amazon UK at 14.99 pounds:

Nokia N9 Battery Amazon UK

If you are also looking for more information on the N9 Battery, the Nokia N9 Hub has done a very good write at:

Nokia N9 Battery Q&A

Thank you, Le55ons!!!


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We have become jollaN9story

nokiavswindowsphone has become jollan9story

Hope against hope, Nokia has failed to resurface, and in its’ present form under Elop, nothing more than an OEM manufacturer for Windows Phone in everything but name.

As such, we have decided to change the name of our blog to reflect the current realities.

Nokia, as an independent entity, is no more…

However, all the original posts from nokiavswindowsphone.wordpress.com will remain to tell the story of Jolla and Nokia N9.

Please be advised and update your bookmarks accordingly. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


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Jolla Phone Spikes On Google Search Trends



It has been a while since the pre-release campaign of a phone has generated so much buzz and excitement. It looks like the actual launch of Jolla Phone at the later part of the year will eclipse even that of the original Meego Harmattan N9.

Why, Jolla Phone is even being labeled as “Deviant Linux Smartphone“!!! Sounds really cool and catchy!!!

All this attention and “love”…can only be a good thing… πŸ˜‰


Check out the following cool links while you’re here with us:

Ex-Nokia team creates two-part ‘Jolla’ mobile phone

A team of ex-Nokia engineers and designers has unveiled the Jolla, a totally new smartphone with a totally new operating system. Even if this snazzy new device crashes and burns like other dark-horse mobile devices in the past, it sure will look good while it does so.

The phone’s most unique aspect has to be its split nature: The front has the usual smartphone guts and a 4.5-inch HD screen. But attach an “other half” to the back and your phone gets a new look, new profile, or even new features. Each rear piece can be independently configured
β€” have one for work and one for personal use, for instance, or buy one that adds exclusive apps or even something like wireless charging…”

Jolla, Sailfish, and the future of MeeGo

You may remember in my last article I explained the undying love I feel for my Nokia N9, which has since been replaced by an admittedly awesome, yet much less unique Android phone.

This change was prompted by the N9s MeeGo operating system becoming more and more dated, and me not wanting to be left behind.

So with the N9 receiving no more support from Nokia, and the team behind it having all moved on from the Finnish mobile giant, it’s pretty safe to say MeeGo is well and truly dead, right?


Meet Jolla…”


Everyone say “Hi” πŸ™‚


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Jolla Supports Global Pre-order

Global Pre-order Supported @join.jolla.com


That’s right.

Jolla has officially declared on it’s support webpage that global pre-order is supported for the:

1. Limited Edition Jolla + T-Shirt (40€) and

2. 0€ pre-order packages

It is only the 100€ package which is not available for global pre-ordering. The order form will automatically stop you from proceeding if your mailing address is not from selected European countries.

So even if you are way Down Under, or somewhere in the vast blue pacific oceans, you know you can head over to Jolla to place your pre-orders if your heart so desires, and Join the Tribe.


There are no more excuses πŸ˜‰
…spread the word
…and the love

Welcome to Jolla!!!

Where the future of smartphones begins…








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Username Registration Error Jolla Pre-order Checkout Webpage

Persistent Username Registration Error Message at:


For some unknown reason, many of you will find that it is impossible to register a new username at the above link when you are placing a pre-order on the Jolla website.

No matter what username combination you use, the same error message will appear after you have filled in all your order and personal details if you click on the “checkout” tab at the end of the order form:

“Username already taken, please try another”

username registration errors

In reality, the username that you have chosen has already been process and an e-mail has already been sent to your e-mail address.

Username Registration Error In Box

However, you will not be able to proceed further with your order form this way as it stays stuck with the above error message.

A proven work-around for this error until Jolla fixes it is to register your username and password first with Jolla at:


Registration Webpage

You will then receive a confirmation e-mail from jolla.com with your e-mail verification code. Once you have verify your e-mail, your Jolla account will be active and you can proceed to place your pre-order.

Once you have completed the above, come back to the Jolla checkout page at:


Jolla Checkout Webpage

and click on the:

Login” with existing account

This will bring you to the Jolla Login Webpage at:


jolla login webpage

Here, you can login with your new username and password. This will then lead you back to the:

“Checkout Webpage” where you can see the new line on top which says:

You are now logged in

Checkout logged in verification page

You can now proceed to place your pre-order. We did not encounter any further errors in the ordering process after this step.

Hope this helps some of you out there. An e-mail has been sent to:


to alert them of this problem.

Enjoy your pre-ordering the coming Jolla smartphone!!!



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